Orientation Measurements

In order to prevent health hazards (e.g. from noise or lighting), companies are obliged to monitor compliance with limit values ​​in almost all work areas by means of measurements.

When checking legal limit values ​​at the workplace, the use of practical and directly readable measuring systems for short-term measurements with quickly available measurement results is particularly important.

Our specialists carry out the following orientation measurements on site with the appropriate measuring systems:

Scope of Services


Measurement of all ergonomic data at the workplace such as

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Luminosities,
  • Ventilation options


Pollutant studies of soil, air and water, among others

  • Building pollution analysis (e.g. asbestos, mold)
  • Environmental pollutants (soil and water samples)
  • Hazardous substance analysis

Sound level:

Measurements to determine noise exposure at the workplace:

  • Noise register
  • Sound reports for private and commercial use
  • Frequency selective evaluation
  • Assessment of room acoustics
  • Search for sources of interference

Electrosmog / radon / radiation

  • Electrosmog measurements
  • Radon measurements

Further services are available on request at info@attenberger-gmbh.de