Technical Inspections

According to the Industrial Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV), Workplace Ordinance (ArbStättV) and the applicable provisions of the German statutory accident insurance (DGUV), both the manufacturer and the employer must take suitable measures to ensure reliable operation.

In order to guarantee the long-term availability and safety of your technical equipment, we check your systems, machines and devices in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards.

Our services include:

  • Recurring tests in accordance with BetrSichV and applicable regulations of the DGUV
  • Checks after major changes Risk assessments

We carry out expert tests in the following areas and industries, among others:



Technical Inspections in Office and Administration Buildings
Technical Inspections in Industrial and Manufacturing Companies
Technical Inspections in Schools and Public Institutions
Technical Inspections of electrical Equipment in Hospitals / Nursing Homes
Technical Inspections in Branches and Department Stores
Technical Inspections on Construction Sites and in Service Vehicles
Technical Inspections in Hotels and Guest Houses
Technical Inspections in Warehouses and Logistics Centers