Health & Safety Coordination

Since the construction site ordinance came into force in 1998, every building owner has been obliged to perform occupational health and safety tasks. This includes, among other things, the appointment of a suitable safety and health protection coordinator (SiGeKo or SiGe coordinator) if several companies are employed on the construction site at the same time or one after the other. Especially on construction sites where accidents occur twice as often as in the rest of the commercial sector, the coordinator should help prevent accidents. The SiGeKo is responsible for determining and coordinating the necessary occupational safety and health protection measures and for checking compliance with them.

We are happy to help you with all of these tasks. We provide the health and safety coordinator, carry out regular inspections and report to you and the companies concerned. The coordination of mutual hazards and the initial briefing on the construction site are just as much a part of our range of services as the preparation of the documents for later work.

Ideally, we are already involved in the planning phase and can thus avoid cost-intensive changes. Our range of services includes in the various phases, among other things:

Planning Phase
  • Elaboration of the safety and health protection plan (SiGe plan)
  • Advice on legal requirements
  • Creation of construction site regulations
  • Prepare the advance notice
  • Compilation of a document for subsequent work on the structure

Execution Phase
  • Position of safety and health protection coordinators (SiGeKo)
  • Communication with employers' liability insurance associations and authorities (including forwarding the advance notice)
  • Organization and implementation of site inspections with logging
  • Briefing on the health and safety plan

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