Fire Protection Officer

The prevention of fires and preventive fire protection are of great importance in companies. Fire protection officers are specially trained people appointed by the employer who perform this task as the central contact person in the company. He advises and supports the employer on fire protection issues, controls compliance with fire protection regulations and assesses potential fire hazards.

The entrepreneur is fundamentally responsible for fire protection in the company. Depending on the size and type of company, the tasks associated with fire protection can be very extensive and demanding. According to the legislator, there is therefore the possibility of transferring the fire protection obligations to sufficiently qualified persons, so-called fire protection officers. They advise and support the entrepreneur in all fire protection-related questions and tasks.

As an external service provider, we provide your company with a fire protection officer. He takes care of all topics in the area of ​​preventive fire protection independently and supports your company in complying with the legal framework. Our services include:

Scope of Services


  • Control of compliance with specified fire protection measures
  • Participation in structural, technical and organizational fire protection measures
  • Monitoring, among other things, the usability of escape and rescue routes
  • Ensuring the functionality of fire extinguishing systems


Examination of existing fire protection documents: includes examination of escape, rescue route and fire brigade plans as well as examination of the fire protection regulations according to DIN14096


  • Preparation of the fire protection plan, e.g. fire alarm plan, escape and rescue route plan
  • Creation and updating of fire protection regulations
  • Determination of fire and explosion methods


  • Training of employees, e.g. as fire protection assistants
  • Instruction of employees
  • Planning and implementation of evacuation exercises

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