Special Topics

In this area, all topics are listed that we encountered in the course of our conventional work and that we were able to successfully accompany:

Environmental Protection
  • Position of environmental officers
  • Environmental analysis: qualitative and quantitative analysis of substances in the environment
  • Development and maintenance of management systems DIN EN ISO 14001 / EMAS II by environmental management auditors / environmental auditors
  • Provision of waste officers
  • Object-related environmental inspections and advice from environmental protection technicians

Event Concepts

Creation of event concepts (e.g. according to the Munich security concept)

Provision of Dangerous-Goods-Officers

Provision of an approved dangerous goods officer for support in handling dangerous goods

Provision of Accident-Officers for the Storage of hazardous Substances

Provision of an approved accident management officer for hazardous material stores that are approved according to BlmSchG and 12th BImSchV.

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