Workplace Planning

The design of the workspaces has a significant influence on the work performance of employees. The division and space of the room, light and noise sources as well as the climate influence the well-being and thus also the productivity of the employees. A

s part of the risk assessment, the employer must analyze whether employees can be exposed to hazards or stress when setting up and operating workplaces. Suitable design measures must then be developed and implemented with specialist planners.

Our services therefore include in the context of workplace planning:

Scope of Services
  • Advice on the requirements of the ArbStättV (Workplace Ordinance) and the Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR)
  • Support in the planning of work rooms, traffic routes, escape and rescue routes and emergency exits
  • Advice on the implementation of measures to prevent occupational accidents
  • Cooperation with responsible specialist planners
  • Safety and health coordination

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