Accident Analysis

If an employee suffers an accident at work, this has a high probability of having an impact on his or her private life in addition to the possible restriction of employment. According to the principle: "Accidents do not happen - they are caused", we prepare a well-founded accident analysis in order to be able to initiate suitable protective measures based on the results of the investigation. The aim is therefore to preventively counteract and minimize similar accident risks.

Our services therefore include:

Scope of Services
  • Assessment of the accident site Investigation of accidents at work / near misses to analyze the causes
  • Discussions with employees, superiors, employers' liability insurance association, etc.
  • Inclusion of the company doctor
  • Determination of accident black spots in the company
  • Definition of measures for the future prevention of accidents
  • Creation of accident statistics
  • Advice on the implementation of suitable protective measures
  • Effectiveness control

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