Inspection of Blackboards

The school authority or the employer has to guarantee the safety of the school boards / blackboard systems as work equipment. The safe condition is assessed by the annual accident prevention inspection. This annual test in accordance with Section 7 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchuG) can be carried out by a trained, qualified person.

All of our occupational safety specialists are qualified persons according to TRBS for the recurring examination of blackboards and carry out the examination according to DGUV regulations 1 and 81 and DGUV information 202-021. The inspection itself is carried out on site.

Scope of Services
  • Check the wall or floor fastenings in accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions
  • Testing of connecting elements such as screwing, dowelling, gluing, welding
  • Testing of rivets, clamps and plug connections as well as hinges, joints, hinges
  • Check of the function of the board
  • Guidance, ease of movement of the moving parts
  • Examination of the external condition, chips, cracks, missing parts, defective covers, sharp-edged shelves
  • Preparation of inspection reports
  • Cataloging / inventory
  • Attachment of an inspection sticker

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